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Vancouver, CANADA, February 20, 2020 – Midwest Video Solutions (MVS) today announced that WISI, a leading provider of carrier-grade video solutions, will power the launch of their new MVSSTREAM cloud-based video service. This collaboration enables local broadband providers and member affiliates to invest in and deploy the next generation of video experiences to consumers.

“MVS has spent a great deal of time evaluating when would be a good time for coming to market with this cloud-based service offering, and we feel the time is now,” said Marty Snustead, Executive Director. “We have worked with WISI for our linear video services, and it was a natural fit to work with them for this ABR project. WISI’s Inca platform is so flexible and easy to configure. It’s a great product and intuitive to use.”

MVS and WISI have worked together for over six years, integrating WISI’s transcoders into the MVS central headend. MVS originally selected the Inca Modular Series 4400 for its high-density and flexible, modular options and are now optimizing its dual functionality by adding ABR functionality. This new path forward serves all downstream customers in a single system.

MVS’ cloud-based solution ensures complete ownership and control of the network from the headend all the way to the customer. Full visibility allows MVS and its member affiliates to easily and efficiently troubleshoot issues.

MVS targets 99.975% signal uptime for all solutions offered, as performance remains a core element of MVS’ commitment to its customers.

“The Inca platform was built to simplify the everyday lives of video operators,” says Robert Bell, CEO of WISI America. “We built a set of powerful tools to help operators run their video business efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Integrated analytics and strong management tools are what makes the Inca platform so valuable.”

With this new offering, MVS will meet the demands of companies that currently offer traditional video yet want to remain on the edge of innovation by deploying new ABR services. Enabling them to be the single-source provider of all video content.

“We are honored to work on such an exciting project with MVS,” Bell added. “We value the trust that MVS has in our products and our ability to help power their new ABR service.”

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