September 15 – 19 we will be in stand B.50, hall 5 at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam. Highlights at the WISI stand will include the new BlueLine Transcoder Series (BLT), the integration of the award-winning All Seeing Eye monitoring system and troubleshooting tool with the multi-headend platforms Tangram and Chameleon, and the processing module for HEVC.

BlueLine Transcoder Series (BLT)

The new BLT series features affordable MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC IP transcoding in 1 power-saving RU, with density options for up to 24 channels. Validated against thousands of broadcast streams worldwide, the BLT offers a variety of models to transcode, transrate or downscale HD and SD sources. Supported features include multilingual DVB subtitle burn-in and optional high-density audio transcoding. Third-party video and audio technologies have been certified with all Inca Networks’ and WISI transcoders, and the appropriate licenses are properly protected. With the BLT series, operators can affordably launch new HD and SD programs in cable or IPTV headends.

The BLT also helps reduce business risk by replacing older transcoder products. Unlike other low-cost transcoders, the BLT combines the quality and reliability of Inca’s transcoders – successfully deployed worldwide for nearly a decade – backed by a dedicated technical support team. It is also compatible with other popular WISI video delivery platforms such as Tangram and Chameleon for a full end-to-end headend solution. Configuration and troubleshooting is simple with its simple web-based management interface, as well as automated handling and recovery of ‘challenging’ video sources.

All Seeing Eye (ASE)

The Inca All Seeing Eye 5420 is a multi-view visual monitoring platform created to give operators greater visibility and reliability within their networks. It provides sophisticated monitoring, including an overview mosaic of all IP video streams, which makes it easy to check the performance of an entire headend on a web browser. Built to monitor all outputs within a network, the All Seeing Eye immediately alerts the operator if a service is down or impaired. It also gives operators the ability to easily troubleshoot video streams by tracing impairments through the network with simple click-through to local and remote system management interfaces. Alert methods include email notifications, colour-coded video mosaics and SNMP alerts.

Powering the ASE is VidiOS™, the web-based user interface. Features include inbound and outbound video thumbnails and detailed stream statistics, including PID and payload details, and error warnings. WISI’s successful multi-headend platforms Tangram and Chameleon join a full product line-up already integrated with the All Seeing Eye, including OTT products, the high-density Modular Series 4400 Transcoder and its HEVC compression module. With the integration of Tangram and Chameleon, the ASE now provides full visibility of the headend workflow, from receiver to transcoder to the network edge.

HEVC Processing Module

The new processing module HXC1 adds HEVC support to the existing 4430 high-density transcoder. It allows operators to transcode, transrate and downscale up to 4 UHD, 16 HD or 40 SD HEVC sources or outputs in one rack unit, with integrated grooming and monitoring of all streams. The HXC1 module was built to help reduce long-term transport costs for video operators and free up space on bandwidth-constrained networks, saving up to 40% in bandwidth while maintaining the equivalent picture quality. Inca customers can now add next generation HEVC support and scale their infrastructure easily and affordably, as the new HXC1 module is designed to fit the 4430 Modular Series chassis and work simultaneously with existing transcoding modules.