Make the Most of Your WISI Products

To help you get the most out of your products, we offer extensive support services to our customers. In addition to our support team, we also have a support centre – WISI Connect – with a knowledge base, FAQs, installation guides, and best practices. At our support centre you can also submit support tickets and register product returns. Create an account at to get started!

WISI Connect
  • Browse through our Knowledge Base
  • Read FAQs and best practices

  • Register your units and handle entitlements
  • Submit any support issues
  • Get help with product returns and repairs
Visit WISI Connect

Support Terms

We offer all of our customers support by answering support tickets, and we also communicate via telephone, email, Skype and TeamViewer.  However, it may be useful to know that the WISI Connect support hours are the same as our business hours, which are from 7.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Central European Time (CET). Of course, our support team will answer tickets and email submitted at any time, but bear in mind that it may take longer to get a reply when this is done after our business hours. We provide support for the software of your product through a Software Update Agreement (previously called Support Licence Agreement). A Software Update Agreement (SUA) is a subscription to software upgrades. You will have access to all software released within the subscription period of your SUA. You can read more about SUA at

Useful Links & Tools

WISI Connect

WISI Connect is our support site where you can register and manage your units, download software, read FAQs and submit support tickets.


WISI Configurator

WISI Configurator is an online tool that helps you select software options for your WISI headend products. To gain access, you need to register as a customer.


WISI Online Catalog

If you are looking for technical information and downloadable data sheets about our different products, our online product catalog is the place to go to!


Service & Repairs

If you have problems with one of our products and need to return or repair it, remember to first fill out the RMA form so that we are able to handle your service.

download RMA document

IP Supporter

With IP Supporter you can change IP address, Netmask and Gateway in a unit, and upload entitlement files into one or more units. Works with Chameleon, Tangram and EXM units.

download IP Supporter

Controller Software

The Controller Software is a program for monitoring and programming the modules in our E-Series product range. Download and install it on your PC.

download Controller Software