A Powerful Combination

Increase Revenue and Cut Costs with SRT and HEVC Technologies

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From Anywhere to Everywhere

SRT – Secure Reliable Transport

  • Offer more content to your customers to a low operating cost by transmitting over the public Internet rather than broadcasting via expensive satellite links or leased fiber links.

  • SRT optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with secure streams and easy firewall traversal, bringing the best quality live video to users.

  • As part of the SRT protocol, all content can be AES encrypted, thus keeping your content protected.

  • Due to advanced low latency packet loss recovery methods the streams are transported reliably over long distances in un-managed networks.


Better and More Efficient Compression


  • The HEVC codec provides compression savings of up to 60% while maintaining picture quality. The higher compression allows you to offer more content to your customers without modifying existing network and storage infrastructure.

  • Optimize your network, while preparing for more and higher quality video. HEVC supports UHD/4K, which provide an enhanced user experience that allows you to meet the increasing demand for UHD/4K content.


Two new technologies that are tailored for broadcasters and operators to become more efficient and at the same time opening up for new business models and opportunities.

  • SRT as a transfer protocol decreases distribution costs dramatically, both on regional level and especially internationally where video content can be distributed in almost real-time into any part of the world. WISI solutions for conversion from SRT to legacy formats such as DVB or IP Multicast are available in our Firefly and Inca platforms.

  • HEVC /H.265 is the next enabler, that does not only provide UHD capability, but gives a dramatic bitrate reduction thus further decreasing distribution cost.Transcoding both to and from HEVC with WISI video transcoders adapts the video format to legacy end-user equipment while at the same time preparing for transition to HEVC/H.265 once consumer devices are made available.

WISI Tangram Platform

  • Excellent cost-performance

  • High level of reliability

  • All global standards

  • A modular concept

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WISI Inca 4400 Platform

  • Dedicated hardware engine
  • High density streaming engine

  • Encryption

  • SRT broadcaster AND receiver

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WISI Firefly SRT Receiver

  • Dedicated hardware engine
  • Conversion to legacy formats
  • Decryption
  • Low power consumption
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Providing the Roadmap to Next-Generation Video Delivery

  • Rely on 100 Years of Innovation
    Founded in 1926, WISI has been consistently innovating technology for almost 100 years. We support all video codecs, physical interfaces, and streaming formats – enabling operators to seamlessly connect between yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Rely on a Global Perspective
    Video operators in more than 150 countries rely on WISI to provide subscribers with a great TV experience. WISI offices are located around the globe to ensure efficient support and localized application knowledge.
  • Rely on a Proven Partner
    We believe in being a reliable partner to all customers. We combine key strengths with our channel and technology partners to help and support the implementation of full headend deployments to small network applications.
  • Rely on Customer Centric Values
    We build our strength through, and together with our customers, who are part of our value chain as much as we are. As a privately owned company we can choose to care more for our partners and customers than boosting next quarterly report.

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