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FTTH Network with RF over Glass

R+F Netz Zollikon
“With regard to technology standards households equipped with a RFoG termination remain on the safe side for a long time, while still using the same multimedia terminals as before”
Rico Häny, President R+F Netz Zollikon

R+F Netz Zollikon is a cooperative society that operates a modern, efficient FTTH network in Zollikon near Zurich (Switzerland). The network is the platform for a large bouquet of communication services, such as digital radio and TV, Video on Demand, broadband Internet and fixed network telephony.

R+F Netz Zollikon uses the WISI optical transmission platform Optopus with its high-capacity optical amplifiers and low noise RFoG micronodes for the FTTH network . Each household is provided with an individual RFoG micronode for the connection to the optical network. This modern network approach enables R+F Netz Zollikon to provide sustainable services which might be adapted to the customers’ increasing demands.

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