IP Video Platform™

The Inca platform offers intelligent real-time processing of linear and multiscreen TV content, as well as IP video solutions that address all aspects of the next-generation video.

ABR Transcoder 3840

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

  • VidiOSTM

  • Pay as you grow licensing model

  • Transcode up to 24x HD or 48x SD services to ABR profiles

  • All Seeing Eye Integration

ABR Transcoder 3840x (New)

  • Launch high-quality multiscreen services for larger screens

  • Optimized for 1080p30 or 720p60 outputs

  • All Seeing Eye Integration

  • Transcode up to 12x HD or 24x SD services into frame-aligned outputs

Modular Series 4400

  • VidiOS™

  • Modular flexibility, GigE

  • High density linear transcoding

  • Multi-profile ABR

  • All Seeing Eye Integration

Multiscreen Package & Origin 5420

  • Multi-screen Packager

  • Multi-screen Origin Server

  • All Seeing Eye Integration

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming


All Seeing Eye 5420

  • Monitor IP Multicast Video

  • Thumbnail Mosaic

  • Local and Remote Monitoring

  • Centralized Management

  • Detailed transport stream statistics including PIDs and bitrates

Inca Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder 3840

Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder

Inca Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder 3840 for high-quality output with consistent density and performance using a field proven hardware transcoding engine. Inca 3840 can transcode or downscale 24 HD or 48 SD programs to multiple frame-aligned ABR video streams in just 1 RU.  Rapid configuration and deployment with award-winning VidiOSTM stream monitoring and analysis.  Save upfront on capital costs with the 3840 ABR’s market-leading cost per stream and “pay as you grow” licensing model.

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Inca Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder 3840x (NEW)

Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder

The 3840x is an additional model designed for launching multiscreen services for larger screens.  Just like the 3840, the 3840x offers rapid configuration and deployment with award-winning VidiOSTM stream monitoring and analysis.

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Inca Modular Series 4400

High-Density Linear and ABR transcoding

As media is consumed through an increasing variety of services — cable TV, IPTV, OTT— operators need an efficient solution to deliver video to multiple devices while containing costs. The Inca 4400 Modular Series is the latest evolution of Inca’s market-leading solutions. The 4400 Modular Series delivers superior video quality along with the flexibility to optimise video for broadcast and multi-screen distribution — and scales easily to accommodate future formats.

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Inca Multiscreen Package & Origin 5420

The Inca Multiscreen Package & Origin 5420 is a carrier-grade live streaming packager and origin server for high value Internet video services. It segments and packages multiple streams into the most popular adaptive bitrate protocols, in the clear or encrypted using third-party Digital Rights Management (DRM) vendors.

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Inca All Seeing Eye 5420

The Inca All Seeing Eye 5420 provides sophisticated visual monitoring and an overview mosaic of the IP Video streams in your headend. Powered by Inca’s VidiOS™ architecture, the Inca All Seeing Eye supports HD and SD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC streams. This means that you can interactively oversee the network using any web browser to view mosaics of video thumbnails and in this way get an idea of how each program is performing.

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Optimise your video content to meet your network capacity and provide the best viewing experience. Offer exceptional linear and multiscreen video service for TVs, consumer tablets, smartphones, and other devices that connect over traditional cable, IPTV, and wireless networks. Inca’s next generation transcoders offer a comprehensive, highly scalable real-time solution that streamlines the delivery of IP video.

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Support large-scale multiscreen deployments and bring mobile entertainment to your subscribers with Inca’s just-in-time adaptive bitrate packaging and live streaming origin server. Additionally, the content is dynamically wrapped to suit the mobile or tablet device requesting the video stream. Ensure a seamless delivery with Inca’s built-in origin server capability.

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Give your team the best video intelligence and monitoring available. Provide a web-based, mosaic view of every channel at every stage in the signal flow. Proactively identify problem streams and keep the entire team informed by providing a single view of the status of the entire video delivery network no matter where you are located. Extend that visibility to non-Inca equipment via Intelligent Video Probes.

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TANGRAM – high density video platform


A high-density digital TV headend with a fully redundant concept 


Headend processor for residential, regional and national networks 
MyM Pro MICRON – a multi-mini headend


A multi-mini headend suitable for small networks 


Case Study: Access Communications

Access Communications provides highly available video service with help from Inca 

Press Release: Inca Networks 

Broadpeak™, Inca Networks and Espial Enable Scalable IP Video Delivery for Hiawatha Broadband Communications

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