WISI Inca IP Video Platform

Inca IP Video Platform

Linear and ABR Transcode Solution

The Inca platform offers intelligent real-time processing of linear and multiscreen TV content, as well as IP video solutions that address all aspects of the next-generation video.

  • Linear transcoding between MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC
  • ABR transcoding with market-leading cost per stream
  • Modular, flexible chassis with less than 200 W per chassis
  • Receive 8VSB, ASI, IP, SRT, MPEG-DASH inputs
  • Output video as multicast IP, HLS or SRT
  • Automatic service failover, chassis and power redundancy

Transcode, Transrate, and Downscale Digital Video for Linear or ABR Applications

Up to 48x HD or 90x SD Services • Supports HEVC • Redundancy and Failover Options



Optimise your video content to meet your network capacity and provide the best viewing experience. Offer exceptional linear and multiscreen video service for TVs, consumer tablets, smartphones, and other devices that connect over traditional cable, IPTV, and wireless networks. Inca’s next generation transcoders offer a comprehensive, highly scalable real-time solution that streamlines the delivery of IP video.

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Support large-scale multiscreen deployments and bring mobile entertainment to your subscribers with Inca’s just-in-time adaptive bitrate packaging and live streaming origin server. Additionally, the content is dynamically wrapped to suit the mobile or tablet device requesting the video stream. Ensure a seamless delivery with Inca’s built-in origin server capability.

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Give your team the best video intelligence and monitoring available. Provide a web-based, mosaic view of every channel at every stage in the signal flow. Proactively identify problem streams and keep the entire team informed by providing a single view of the status of the entire video delivery network no matter where you are located. Extend that visibility to non-Inca equipment via Intelligent Video Probes.

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TANGRAM – high density video platform


A high-density digital TV headend with a fully redundant concept 


Headend processor for residential, regional and national networks 
MyM Pro MICRON – a multi-mini headend


A multi-mini headend suitable for small networks 

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