We now release four new amplifiers for our FLEXSWITCH Multiswitch Series. The units of the DRA Amplifier Series are available for one to four satellite positions. The four different types are characterised by a gain of up to 26 dB. This makes them optimally suited for use as line amplifiers in multiswitch cascades. In addition, the amplifiers make it possible to reduce the amplification individually per input in order to even out level differences between the individual polarisation. The supply voltage can be inserted locally, via the optional power supply DRP 1533, or via remote supply at the trunk lines.


  • Line amplifier for satellite and terrestrial signals
  • Mechanically compatible with DRC 05xx / 09xx / 13xx / 17xx
  • Adjustable gain at each input
  • Remote supply via SAT-ZF trunk lines
  • Switchable DC bypass
  • High screening factor according to class A
  • Made in Germany