New VX 1035 S

We now release our new in-house CATV amplifier, the VX 1035 S, which is locally powered and has a frequency range of up to 1.0 GHz. It is equipped with an active output, and also has a test point at both the input and output, which makes it possible to measure the signal level without interruptions. In addition, the VX 102 0650 module also has diplex filter and return path amplifiers consolidated at 65 MHz. The Q-Step switches and jumper ensure a non-interruptible settings adjustment.


  • Compact 1 GHz high level CATV amplifier
  • Diplex filter and return amplifier pluggable on one module
  • All settings are interrupt free by rotary switch and Jumper
WISI CATV Amplifier VX 1035 S


download datasheet